Who is an African?

A native or inhabitant of Africa.

Which language is spoken in Africa?

There are many different languages spoken by the people of Africa. Each African country has different languages spoken.

Since Africa was colonized by European Nations, the Official Languages spoken include; English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese among others. However, in Kenya and Tanzania, Kiswahili Language is widely spoken by both the literate and illiterate.

Other languages spoken in Africa are the native languages which differ from country to country. Africans have a diversity of tribes thereby speaking different languages. This makes Africa the Richest Continent on Mother Earth with diversity of Culture.

What people are found in Africa?

In Africa, both the natives and foreigners live on the continent. However other races such as Arabs, Whites, Chinese, and Indians do reside in Africa.

Who is Africa’s President?

Africa is a big continent with 54 countries. This makes it difficult for one individual to lead the Continent. Therefore, Africa has no president.

Does Africa have a National Flag?

Africa does not have a National Flag. However, every country in Africa has at least one of the colours; BLACK, GREEN, YELLOW and RED on their National Flag. These colours are widely recognized by the Rasta Movement all the way from Jamaica.

When did Africa get its Independence?

Africa is a big continent which was colonized by European Nations. Different African countries achieved their Independence from their Colonial Masters at different times. Today, African Countries celebrate their Independence Days annually.

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